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Mark The Shark
Mark The Shark
11:00am - 12:59pm
Rockin' 80's Lunch

What was the best decade for rock?







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Listener Comments

Chuck selected 70's

I was 15-25 in the '70s... still mellow and getting harder the music was.

Susan Turner selected 80's

I am from Fence wisconsin... Am am leaving Wednesday. Am returning middle of July.
Absolutely love your station. Thanks sue.

robinergott selected 70's

I love the 1230 am. All the music I know.

Lacy Tom selected 80's

You can't go wrong with Hair Bands of the 80's!

James selected 70's

76, Rolling Stones

Tiffany W selected 80's

50s thru the 90s but bias as I grew up in 80s

Peter Bradfield selected 70's

The 1970's was the best decade for Rock Music, at least what is known as Classic Rock these days. Although Corporate Rock was creeping, i.e., Boston, most of the Rock music of the decade was still very much still being innovative without being where it had to necessarily hide some of the angst, open admitted lyrics about everything from sex to drugs, including love and social commentary, in the lyrics as had much of the 1960's music. Also the long form of songs was definitely at its height in the 1970's in regards to Classic Rock ("Stairway to Heaven", "Black Magic Woman", "Kashmir", "Freebird", MMEB's "Blinded By The Light", etc.). Also the best FM stations to play Rock Music were found in the 1970's, until only recently with the possibility of being able to listen to stations worldwide (I a matter of fact am posting this from Atlanta, GA to a Valley area, PA radio station). And the influences into Rock 'n' Roll of other styles of Music were definitely at the peak of perfection in the 1970's. There was also several different forms of Rock 'n' Roll available, besides the Corporate Rock, was Hard Rock, Heavy Metal (starting with such bands as Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult), Southern Rock was at its peak with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet, etc. And then there was the best Punk Rock in the 1970's with The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Talking Heads, etc. And of course can't forget some of the best of the new New Wave also came in the last few years of the 1970's with such acts as The Cars, Nick Lowe and Blondie. And even Reggae Rock and Ska Rock was at its peak in the 1970's!

Rachel Zimmerman selected 80's

Love all rock, but 80's rock is the best!

Tim selected 70's

Late 70s early 80s rock

Gary Shumway selected 70's

Specifically 1973-1983

Shawn Wells selected 80's

Thanks for doing what you do.
Mornings just wouldn't be the same if you didn't.

Wayne Hoffman selected 90's

90 grunge movement was the best but Ilove my zeppelin ac dc etc you have a great station!!

Curt Geyer selected 80's

More old 80;s

Lawrence St Clair selected 70's

I grow in the 70's 80's is good also.

Anonymous selected 70's

70 and 80

John Haversack selected 60's

80's a close second..

Rupe selected 70's

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Mary Lesser selected 80's

Love your station.....So does my hairdresser. Hair It Iz. Give a shout out to Caroliine. Thank Goodness we live in Bellefonte and get your station!!! We 💘 your music. Keep Rockin......In many ways....And decades.

jeff e selected 70's

The 70,s picked up were the bold artist,s of the 60,s left off. It was a great decade to go from being a 9 year old child to a 18 year old confussed young adult!

Krissy selected 80's

80's Hair Bands were the BEST!!!

Curt Geyer selected 80's

92.1 Rocks

Red Todd selected 80's

I love me some classic rock from the 50-60-70's but for a young man entering the adult world in the 80's, the 80's holds a special place in my heart.

Sue Cilley selected 80's

80s girl, love your station!

jerry linsenbigler selected 80's

i just love the 80 best time in my life

curt geyer selected 80's

Your 80's music ROCKS !!!!

David Brown selected 50's

Like the show, listen on way to work and on way home, doesn't seem to be taped , but live Raido unlike other stations early in AM,,

Keep up the good work

Guy Wolfe selected 80's

Lik your station a lot!!!

tabitha selected 70's

Rock music is great music

Leann Styers selected 90's

I wish I could pick both 80s and 90s. I grew up listening to 80s and 90s rock and fell in love with rock music.

Joe Fisher selected 80's

Camp Confer rocks to 92.1

john shade selected 80's

All hair bands from the 80's should tour again because all of my generation would go to the concerts

Bill Counsil selected 70's

It could be a bit broader then just the 70's. 65 to 80's. When the 80's hit us, the rock was still really good but they began to focus on the show, i.e. Big Hair bands. Many, many great one too. Also they were more innovated with electronic sound and new ways to create their music, also good. But one could say the same from the 50's era, when rock was born, to the 70's.

LeAnn labs selected 70's

there was another decade for rock? 70's started real rock sorry

ben c selected 80's

Def leppard. Acdc poison and many more 80s was the best

ben cross selected 80's

Def leppard poison kiss and many more

Linda Moyer selected 80's

i guess i am old school

Austin Kessinger selected 80's

Motley cru, gnr, ted Nugent, Metallica, poison, whitesnake, journey.

Greg selected 70's


strouse ernest selected 50's

the fun years.

Clayton Gummo selected 80's

80's and up to the mid 90's for sure!

Joe ballinghoff selected 70's

When it was experimental, new and music back then had value.

Dan selected 70's

Sabbath, Zeppelin, Rush, and The Who....enough said.

Na selected 70's

I love 70s rock my favorite band is the Eagles

Stephanie selected 80's

Love the hair bands!

Judy B selected 70's

Life and Music were there.

Nathaniel selected 90's

I grew up listening to alternative rock and, my favorite band is The Goo Goo Dolls

mark kibler selected 80's

1986 the year i and miss the 80's

shawn D selected 80's

Can't go wrong

Teresa selected 80's

It's a tough call, but I have to go with the music I grew up listening to in the 80s. I still love it - any time I hear a great 80s song, it's like I'm traveling in time back to carefree childhood days.

jeff engel selected 70's

Every generation had their favorite decade, but one one can denie, the 70's Rocked!

DJ Ronnie G. selected 70's

The 70's were pure rock without all the special effects and gimmicks.

Donna A selected 80's

This is the era I grew up with I love it and love when you play it on radio. It is hard to turn off car when good music is on. thanks Mark and Chris

flatlnder selected 70's

My opinion. 70's BEST ROCK decade. Of course I've heard some GOOD rock since then but maybe it was my "frame of mind" back then that made that music sound better. Still many special tunes from the seventies.

Chris selected 70's

without a doubt!

chuck todd selected 80's

the best!!! keep up the good work

Ben Rickert selected 70's

I really think every decade had something to offer but I liked the 70's best. Look at what the 70's gave us; Kiss, Boston, Foreigner, Kansas, Aerosmith and the list goes on and on and on.

wendy weber selected 70's

Still the best music out there.

Rachel Zimmerman selected 80's

80's Rock!!

bronson elliott selected 80's

we listen at work and a co worker and I were arguing about black sabeth's theme song I say war pigs he says iron man what is your opinion thanks

Music King selected 90's

How can't the 90's be #1. This is sad that people think 80's are the best. In my eyes the 80's are in last place by a long shot.

Sharon selected 60's

What a grand time to be a teenager in the late 60's. The music was fantastic with the Beatles; Rolling Stones; CCR; Jim Morrison to name a few. We were the 'make love not war' generation and believe me we lived life to the fullest.

ken quiggle selected 60's

grow up in the 60's

Brian Newman selected 70's

The 60's rocked also tough question... I even love the 50's... The 80's got weird with the glam rock..not sure why the chic's would wanna hang out with a dude that looks prettier than they are! Doesnt make sense!!

Debra Schaefer selected 70's

I might not be able to go back to the 70's but WSQV helps me to relive some of the best times through the 70's rock they play. Rock on!

Thomas Packer selected 70's

So many to name, but yea, the 70's in my opinion was the best decade for rock n roll..

thomas spangler selected 70's

we listen to 92.1 at work every day . and its always great variety of rock . keep up the great work...

Karen selected 70's

70's music will never go out of style.

Tara Newcomer selected 70's

yea baby 70's rock baby!! yeaaahhhhh hahahah

Jim selected 80's

The 80's were just plain awsome dude!! Rock on!!

Jackie Russell selected 60's

these were the best days for growing up.

DeVonna McLean selected 80's

nothing like BIG hair bands

RACHEL STAUB selected 80's

Hairband girl at heart! *0's as a whole but also first 2 years of the 90's!

L-P selected 70's

Mike Fetzer selected 80's

The Radio Station Rocks

Cainan selected 90's

90's were the best, followed by the 80s

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